I have been finishing up the final touches for One Way Ticket and have decided that its best to release it tonight!
(I'm going to be away for a couple weeks and it'll be hard for me to set everything up while I'm there, plus i don't want to make you guys wait so long)

Stayed tuned! :)


Great news! My new EP will officially be out within the next few days and will be available through! :)
(side note for the sound geeks - this project is a bit "quieter" than my other music, i wanted to keep a live dynamic range throughout and not have it sound stuck against a wall)


Hey guys! Just doing a quick test post, things have been pretty hectic around here the last couple weeks while I wrap up this EP, and at the same time, get this website up and running. I wasn't sure how feasible my release plan was going to be with the fact that i'll be going off to school in about 3 weeks time, but things are looking clearer, I'll have more updates within the next few days!